Set in 1968, one year after the riots that devastated Detroit, American Prophet tells the story of Thomas Gumbleton, a young man suddenly appointed to a position of great authority whose leadership must guide a community in a time of great upheaval and change. As the United States' newest--and youngest--Roman Catholic bishop, Thomas is faced with a city filled with uncertainty and a community divided by anger.

Amidst the tumultuous heights of the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war Vietnam protests and ground shaking reforms within the Catholic Church itself, Thomas struggles to fulfill his new role and unite his community. But when the Archdiocese begins to desegregate the Detroit parochial schools, backlash from the churches turn into angry protests, forcing Thomas to stand his ground despite opposition from parishioners and even his fellow priests. When the rage over desegregation spills onto his personal life, Thomas must choose whether or not he can risk the demands of leadership, or remain silent.

With settings ranging from the parishes of Detroit to the humble homes of parishioners and the hockey rinks where Thomas and his friends--the only United States' only hockey team for priests--play, American Prophet is a unique glimpse at a past whose struggles resonate to our day and as well as the portrait of a young man who learns to come into his own.

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Nain Rouge is the story of Jason, a young man visiting the city of Detroit for the first time. When he finds himself lost and unable to find a way home, Jason learns the true consequences of his actions and what it means to trespass in places he does not belong on Devil’s Night.

The title of the film refers to the legendary Nain Rouge, or Red Dwarf of Detroit. This mythic figure has been a part of Michigan lore for more than 400 years and is said to be a harbinger of doom for the Motor City. Every year on the first day of spring Detroiters participate in the Marche du Nain Rouge, where they burn an effigy of the demon spirit in an effort to drive him away from the city.

Nain Rouge was produced by local Michigan and Midwest film professionals who have worked on both Hollywood feature films as well as smaller independents. Production was helmed by James J. Yi, a Detroit-based producer who assembled a crew of consummate local professionals, including cinematographer Geoff S. George, sound designer Steve Sholtes and editor Logan Siegel. The cast was comprised of local professional actors, who rehearsed beforehand at the Nain Rouge production offices in downtown Detroit for two weeks before principal photography.

Winner: Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay for the East Lansing Film Festival Lake Michigan Film Competition, Uptown International Film Festival, Detroit International Film Festival, Matrix Detroit Dreaming Film Festival and Movie Mitten Project with screenings at the Frankfort Film Festival, Cinetopia International Film Festival, and Great Lakes International Film Festival




When young aspiring baseball player Felicity is taken in hand by her mother to become a pageant princess by straightening her hair, she must escape to choose her own path and pursue her true happiness.

Written by Gina Atwater, Produced by Jessica Rambo, Directed by Jasmine Rivera

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When Husband comes home, Wife will serve what he rightfully deserves.